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1 Limited Fender x MoFi PrecisionDeck

1 Limited Fender x MoFi PrecisionDeck (YZ TURNTABLES)

MoFi Electronics Celebrates 75 years of Fender.

MoFi Electronics has teamed up with Fender Musical Instruments Corporation for a very special collaboration – The Fender x MoFi PrecisionDeck. Each limited-edition unit is individually numbered, badged, and certain to become a collector’s item.

The Fender x MoFi PrecisionDeck, is a high-performance turntable in every way, with gorgeous looks that resonate with decades of music history. The PrecisionDeck utilizes the same wood, swamp ash, as the famed Fender Precision Bass® guitar. The blanks of swamp ash are sourced, milled, and finished in the iconic three-color sunburst by Fender USA. The components are designed and built by MoFi, and the deck is assembled, featuring technology from the award-winning UltraDeck with testing and setup by MoFi at the company’s factory in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

The Fender PrecisionDeck comes packaged with the MoFi Electronics MasterTracker phono cartridge pre-mounted and aligned.

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